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Why are we writing this blog?

Business owners are passinate and driven individuals.  Some do great things.  Others keep trying until they get it right.  

We are writing these articles and interviewing these business owners in order to find the drive, the vision, the soul of the business…  Why was it started?  Where is the courage coming from in order to compete not only locally, but across the world, especially in today’s internet society?

These are only a few of the questions we have for these incredible small businesses we are showcasing here.

Want to be part of the Giving Heart movement?

Tell us about your business and why you qualify.  If you pass our criteria, we will contact you and start the interview process.

The Giving Heart Criteria:

We focus on small businesses who give back to society somehow.  Our criteria to include a small business in our blog is:

  • your company must meet the Small Business Association small business definition of less than 500 employees
  • the business does extensive charity type work.  It cannot only be monetary donations
  • a business that started for the sole purpose of improving society or the environment
  • or a business who directly or indirectly does something to improve their local or global society  


Do you think you meet our criteria?

Very exciting that you want to be a part of our endeavor! 

Please fill out the form below and we will check it out.  You should hear from us within the week.


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